Report about

the meeting

in Spain

Drops of Nature

In advance
we prepared a Herbarium
of plants we can find in Hungary 
We arrived in León on 20th October Welcome ceremony at school The Headmistress of the school greeted us  
At the city hall of the town San Andres   All participants
Herbarium display at school   Wishing tree activity
Guided tour in León    
A beautiful trip to Las Medulas Meeting for teachers at school
Entchanted forest Valporquero cave In the cave
Presentation at school Amazing food
Goodbye to León  


Report about the meeting
in Hungary
May 2014
Drops of Love
Our guests arrived on Sunday.
The headmaster of Csokonai Primary school in Bicske greeted all the guests.
We planted the tree we got from our Austrian partnerschool.

Kids created a "love poster" on a bedsheet and participated in a town rally too.
On Tuesday we went to the capital of Hungary. Budapest was amazing!! We visited the Parliament, the Opera and the Castle district too.

We had beautiful weather and a nice view from the hill. 
On Wednesday we left the first host town, Bicske and travelled to Debrecen. On the way we stopped in Eger which is a nice town with many historical building from the time when Hungary was ruled by the Turkish Empire.

The headmistress speech was full of enthusiasm.

After the speeches we had an amazing welcome ceremony with modern and tradicional dances.

Our exhibition in Vénkerti Primary School.

We visited the famous sites of the second largest city of Hungary.

Déry Museum
We worked hard and created a common mosaic for represent how Love is.

Beside this we created bracelets, enamel pendants and we practiced some Hungarian folkdances too.

Hungary Debrecen


Hungary Bicske 

Czech Republic







Report about the meeting

Drops of Tradition

in Kluczbork (Poland)

On Tuesday we met at school with our dear Polish hosts. After the official greetings students visited some lessons while teacher learnt about the Polish school system. Students presented traditional food in their country. After the nice and delicious food we danced together and had fun. In the afternoon we walked in town and had lunch at a restaurant. After the lunch we visited the museum of beehives. The students spend the night at host families. The teachers had their first meeting.




On Wednesday we visited Krakow the former capital city of Poland. Even the weather was not sunny we enjoyed the trip and saw all the famous sights of the town. After a delicious lunch beside Wawel castle we went to Wieliczka and visited the salt mine. We arrived home late at night.



On Thursday we learnt how to make bread and created many funny figurs from bread dough. Then we tasted honey and some of us could milk a goat as well. Then we set off to Opole and beside to visit the town we had time for shopping too. We all were sad to have to say goodbye to our hosts and friends.


Unfortunately on Friday we had to leave Kluczbork and say goodbye to our hosts. We travelled home with the Austrian and Czech students and teachers and we laughed a lot on the way home.

Thanks for the great event where we could participate!


Information Day at Csokonai Vitéz Mihály Primary School

After the Turkish meeting we shared information with our students
about the new coming project and project's tasks.

Luckily all our students are enthusiastic and they are waiting for the next meeting in Poland.
They are eager to participate in the Hungarian meeting as well.
We are looking forward to hosting you in Hungary but first we enjoy the Polish meeting.
There will be 6 participants from our school: 3 students (2 boys and a girl) and 3 teachers (2f +m).
Happy meeting for us!!!

European Day of Languages and a start of our new project called Drops

Project board at school

Hungary Bicske

Our town which has 12.000 inhabitants is 36km far from the capital of Hungary.
Our public school is the only school is maintained by the state government in town.
It has 650 students and 78 teachers. Since 2011 our lower and upper primary classes work separately in two buildings, each with about 325 students. 
We have high level maths and national language teaching in our school and we teach English and German in small groups too.
Our school organizes also a holiday camp each year for students who wants to protect environment.
Our school has already taken part in a Comenius multilateral project. 
With this new project, we would like to work together with our partners, help and support each other.
Share knowledge, traditions and experiences about our countries and find similarities between us.
We would like to involve students with special needs and talented students as well.
Our main aim to develop various skills and competences are needed today.
We would like to achieve and transcend aims in terms of international cooperation, exchanges, project-work as planned in the curricula