Hungary Debrecen


   Our school is located in the second largest city in Hungary called Debrecen. This school is a special basic art school in the middle of a big housing estate. Our institution is distributed in three different buildings. The main building is in Debrecen and our member school is 15 kilometres far from here. Most students there live in disadvantaged families with very bad social backgrounds. Some of these students live in special houses without their parents near the school with their supervisor teachers. There are 912 children in the school. 372 pupils of them come from socially disadvantaged backgrounds or live in a single parent family. There are also some students with special needs and there are 122 students with learning difficulties and/or with problematic behaviour. The number of the staff is 90 altogether. Our school has an important role in the cultural life of our town as an art school. Our students can learn painting, graphic arts, ballet, folk-dance, beading and enamel arts. In the project we would like to teach our students how to protect and save our national and natural values observing them and expressing them through the arts and traditions. We believe so that our wonderful and important goals are achievable if we can change our sudents' belief-systems and the way they see their opportunities. It is really difficult because many families live in defencelessness circumstances because of their unemployment and poverty. These things produce quite an effect on our students. Our important role is to provide a safe environment at school where they will be able to realize the importance of learning, tolerance and their creativity. This project has a crucial role in giving positive connotation to things and concepts. We must create different positions to our students and give them new information about the nations of Europe. To be someone else's shoes would be a lifelong experience. This project will be a great opportunity for the teachers to exchange their experiences on the fields of motivation, communication, and modelling good things. Through describing our every day life,national customs and traditions using our opportunities and getting rid of our bad habits, we would like to create a better and happier future for everybody in Europe and improving basic competences.