About Us

8 schools' teachers (coordinators) from 7 countries worked on a common project to give opportunities for their students to learn how to use a language as a means of expressing their ideas in practice (real life situations) and learn about each others culture, tradition, nature, school system and make friends.

This project will be a great opportunity for the teachers to exchange their experiences on the fields of motivation, communication, and modelling good things. Through describing our every day life,national customs and traditions using our opportunities and getting rid of our bad habits, we would like to create a better and happier future for everybody in Europe and improving basic competences.

„We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
  But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

Mother Teresa

History of project

Nowadays everything is changing rapidly around us. The school is developing too. Students, teachers, surroundings and even classrooms are changing. We get new, unknown equipment in our little school life.  Despite these changes we still hold on to the past and have problems with new technologies and methods. Yet, we should try to accept and imply them renewing the old doctrines but only step by step, i.e. drop by drop.
Thus, there is a clear goal in front of us: take the first steps together, take the first drops carefully to create a brook from these drops, then a river and finally a common sea.
With these drops we would like our students to reach certain goals. Firstly, our students should be able to follow the new values preserving the traditional ones.

Our students

Our students will be strongly facilitated to find and explore their individual place in the European social context by comparing traditional habits, their present social surroundings, challenges and to share future objectives.
By interviewing their parents and grandparents and exchanging ideas with them students will understand and value their past. By discussing their own situation as today’s adolescents they will face current problems. By clarifying and expressing hopes and wishes they will take a first step towards shaping their future.