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Language survival kit in German





Thank you 


Thank you very much 

 Vielen Dank 

You're welcome 

 Bitte schön 



Excuse me 

 Entschuldigen Sie 


 Guten Tag 


 Auf Wiedersehen 

So long 


Good morning 

 Guten Morgen 

I do not understand 

 Ich verstehe nicht 

How do you say this in [English]? 

 Wie heißt das auf [Deutsch]? 




What is your name? 

 Wie heißen Sie? 

Nice to meet you. 

 Sehr erfreut. Freut mich (, Sie kennen zu lernen.) 

How are you? 

 Wie geht's? 

Where is the bathroom? Where is the toilet? 

 Wo ist die Toilette? 


Language survival kit in Spanish


Hungarian expression to practice.

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What to say at lunch or dinner. Click here!

How to find a toilet.  For boys: Click here! For girls: Click here!

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Language survival kit in Polish

Click on the link and download video with Polish expressions.

Language survival kit in Turkish

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