Czech Republic Brno

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Our elementary school is located on the outskirts of Brno, south Moravia, the main centre, one part of the school is also a nursery school. We have about 300 pupils and 25 teachers (at the elementary school department). The main mission of our school is to be the education, cultural and social centre of the town. We offer a variety of leisure and educational activities not only for students but also for the general public. Special emphasis is put on social inclusion issues and life-long learning. We are one of 80 schools worldwide involved in the international project quality development of community schools: measuring the impact of international standards.
Our school is located in quite a socio-economic well developed area, with country average level of unemployment. Our  project is planned to involve pupils with special needs, including persons with social and physical handicaps, children from divorced families and immigrants.  Our role in this project is provide support to project leader in all project activities, to be fully and efficiently participate in all project activities and to be host institution for one study visit within the project.

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