Kick-off in each country

Debrecen (Hungary)

In Debrecen we celebrated the European Day of Languages on 26 September.
The students made the flags of those countries which are involved in our two Comenius Projects.
They learnt some foreign greetings and did some puzzles.

They enjoyed the game at the end of the event with the balloons.



Bicske (Hungary)

Our whole school gathered
in the school yard and created
life flags forming our Drops logo.

Flag of the Czech Republic

Flag of Portugal

Flag of Austria

An extra flag was
the European Union's flag.

Flag of Hungary

Flag of Spain

Flag of Turkey

Flag of Poland

We have won a Comenius School Project called DROPS for two years.
We already have a common logo and we thought about our last European Day of Languages
when we created life flags. This time we create life flags again but we keep the shape of our logo,
7 drops with seven countries such as Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Austria,
Czech Republic and Portugal and we add the EU flag as well.
With this logo and flags we want to celebrate the European Day of Languages
and start our Kick -off for our project too.
On this day we will have a Turkish afternoon thanks to our new Comenius assistant from Turkey
and he introduces his homeland to our students with presentation, typical food and music
and prepare our colleagues for our zero-meeting in Turkey.
All our 300 students are looking forward to this event with great enthusiasm.