„We ourselves feel that what we are doing is

just a drop in the ocean. 

But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

                                                                                    Mother Teresa


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The project called “DROPS” has two aims.
First it is a project that aims at prolonging and nurturing each country’s traditions and culture by increasing students` cultural awareness while accepting each other’s identity and diversity to build on the European dimension in the long term.
Second it is an acronym of “Dialogue to Renew Old Philosophy of Schools”. We will have a look at our past, discuss and analyse the present situation of each schools and plan and create new methods for the future.
Through these “DROPS” we will initiate the mental and emotional development of our students by widening their knowledge and hence encouraging them to accept diversity and different opinions. It will contribute to show positive emotions towards parents and peers and we intend to involve them in an innovative school that will allow them to express their opinion about teaching, and learning methodologies.     
“DROPS” is a project to make our students aware of values in tradition, to protect our environment, to use foreign languages as a tool of communication, to preserve old inside values in communities and  it is also a project about how to develop the so called old school in the 21st century innovative school.

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Still alive:-)

31/10/2015 10:02
Even though we finished our Drops project the website is still alive and gives inspiration to...

Over 9000 visitors

03/07/2015 13:49
Thanks to all my colleagues hard works and thanks for promoting our websites we reached 9000 unique...

Last meeting with kids

26/04/2015 15:30
Everything has an end. Our program has also finished with a very successful final meeting, the last...

Back from Brno

17/03/2015 18:07
We had a really successful meeting in Brno. Here you find the link to our website. Have a look at...

Over 8000

21/01/2015 18:38
How funny!!! Some days ago (on 11th January) I posted that we reached 7000 in visitors...

New survey on our website

20/01/2015 13:15
After the meeting in Austria we asked our students opinion again. Here you can find the results of...

Over 7000

11/01/2015 15:22
We are over 7000!!! Which means that our website was visited by more than 7000 unique...
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